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song of India & lucky jade set of 2 in 4 inch ceramic pot

song of India & lucky jade set of 2 in 4 inch ceramic pot

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The Song of India Plant, with its glossy green and yellow leaves, can add beauty to any garden or home décor. The Song of India plant was used in NASA's clean air study, which proved that it can remove toxins from the environment. NASA considers this the top air-purifying plant

About Jade Plant

  • Jade or Portulacaria Afra is one of the toughest and easy to grow succulent plants 
  • The button-shaped leaves of this plant will add elegance to your garden.
  • The best care for this plant is to leave it alone and not fuss over it (though it is very difficult to take your eyes off this beauty)
  • Contrary to popular belief, it is not an indoor plant.

How to water a Jade plant?

  • Water only when the soil is dry
  • Always water the plant thoroughly, that is, till the water starts coming out from the bottom hole

What type of soil to use for Jade?

  • Most important thing to keep in mind while growing jade plant is the soil.
  • Use extremely well draining soil. For drainage, add perlite to soil
  • The soil should be nutritious. When preparing soil for Jade plant, add vermicompost
  • The soil should be soft
  • Make sure to add fungicide in soil to prevent root rots

Where should you keep Jade Plant?

  • Keep this plant outdoors in full sun
  • Jade Plant loves sunlight and grows fast in full sun
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