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Black money & Desi money set of 2 in 4 inch ceramic pot

Black money & Desi money set of 2 in 4 inch ceramic pot

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Description of product

The Money Plant  is a hardy Indoor and is very easy to grow. It thrives in almost all conditions and has proven to be beneficial when placed indoors. It is also known as the ‘Pathos-Plant’, and has other different species as well. The plant is an Excellent air purifying plant and absorbs all harmful chemicals hanging in the air. The green glossy, heart-shaped leaves add to its beauty, as the money plant starts growing and make your space beautiful and inviting. The botanical name of the plant is, ‘Epipremnum Aureum’, and it grows well in temperate zones. 


Benefits Of Money Plant


The money plant is a perfect houseplant and thrives well in Low light condition as well. It serves a variety of functions by purifying the indoor air of your home or office and making the space look aesthetically pleasing. The twisting-turning branches of the plant make it visually pleasing. 

Perennial Plants

It belongs to the category of perennial plants and remains green and vibrant throughout the year. The money plant is very versatile, it can be placed indoors and outdoors and does well in either condition. 

Air Purifier 

The plants filter carbon monoxide from the air, which purifies the air inside our homes.

Brings Good Luck

It is believed to bring GOOD LUCK and prosperity to your home and work life. 

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