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Ixora Chinese in 4 inch nursery bag

Ixora Chinese in 4 inch nursery bag

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1. What are the common colors of Ixora plants?

Ixora plants commonly have flowers in shades of red, pink, orange, yellow, and white.

2. Can I grow Ixora indoors?

No, Ixora cannot be grown indoors as it needs to be kept the sun and in a well-ventilated environment

3. How often should I water my Ixora plant?

Check to see if the topmost layer of the soil is moist, and then water it. Ixora plants prefer moist soil, and since you will keep them outdoors, they will typically need watering daily, except in winter and rainy seasons. In summer, you may also need to water them twice as the soil will dry faster.

4. Can I grow Ixora in cold climates?

Ixora is a typical plant of the tropics and they prefer warm temperatures. They are sensitive to cold climates and are unlikely to grow. 

5. Where can I buy Ixora plants? 

Head over to Urvann, India’s favorite online nursery, and browse from their extensive collection of plants.

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