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Gerbera in 5 inch plastic pot flowering any colour

Gerbera in 5 inch plastic pot flowering any colour

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The Gerbera plants are renowned for their captivating flowers that bloom in many vibrant colors and petal arrangements. These plants are native to South Africa and very popular for their long-lasting blooms. They are extensively used for decoration and flower arrangements. It is a genus of plants in the Asteraceae family and is also known as ‘Transvaal Daisy’. 

Benefits of Gerbera Plant

Ornamental Beauty:

The Gerbera flowering plant comes in many vibrant shades and will instantly add a pop of color to your home garden.

Good for Pollination:

The blooms of the Gerbera plant attract many pollinating insects such as butterflies, bees, and more. Pollination is very important to promote biodiversity.

Low Maintenance:

The flowers are very easy to care for and thrive well in tropical and subtropical countries such as India. However, the plant requires thorough watering and occasional pruning sometimes to help in its healthy growth.

Environmental Conditions

Gerbera petals are sensitive to pollutants and are often used to gauge air quality.

Care Tips for Gerbera Plant


The soil for the Gerbera plant must be kept moist, especially during the growing season. Water plants consistently but avoid waterlogging.



The Gerbera plant loves bright sunlight for at least 4-5 hours a day.



Gerbera is an outdoor plant. It should be kept in an area receiving bright sunlight. 



Add nitrogen and phosphorus to the Gerbera Plant to maintain good plant growth. You can also add dry banana peels as they are a rich source of nitrogen. You can also use vermicompost every 2 weeks.


 Ideal Soil Mix:

The ideal Soil mix for this plant should be, Garden soil (35%) + Cocopeat (30%) + Vermicompost (30%) + Neem Khali (5%)



Keep pruning the Gerbera plant to encourage branch growth and give it more spread.


 Pest Control:

Keep spraying the plant with neem spry every 2 weeks to help with pest control. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Gerbera Plant

1. What are the common colors of Gerbera plants?

Gerbera flowers come in a vast array of colors such as, orange, pink, red, yellow, and more.

2. Do Gerberas like sun or shade?

Gerberas grow best in plenty of sunlight.

3. Does Gerbera bloom all year?

No, the Gerbera flowers bloom from late spring through autumn.

4. Do Gerbera plants grow in pots?

Yes, the Gerbera plants do very well in small to medium pots. Just make sure that they have good drainage. 

5. Are Gerberas hard to grow?

Yes, the Gerbera plant can easily be grown from seeds in spring or in the early months of the summer season. 

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