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Ficus Starlight in 4 Inch Nursery Bag

Ficus Starlight in 4 Inch Nursery Bag

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The Ficus is native to the tropical areas of East Asia primarily but is widely distributed among the other tropical regions of the world. Many have been discovered as tall forest trees, with great spreading roots. 

This diverse group of plants belongs to the Ficus genus, and most species of the Ficus plant are evergreen belonging to the outdoor foliage plant family.


Benefits of Ficus Plant

Air Purifier
The Ficus plant purifies air, by absorbing harmful substances in the air such as formaldehyde and oxolin.

By pruning a Ficus plant, you can give it many shapes and designs and can be used as Decore 
Ficus plants are known for their dense and attractive foliage. The leaves are glossy-green in color and add a calming effect to spaces where they are placed.


The Ficus plant comes in a large variety of shapes and sizes making them visually appealing. Their attractive spreading habit enhances the overall ambience of any location, whether indoors or outdoors.

In many traditions, the Ficus plant has a symbolic and cultural significance. For e.g., the Banyan tree (Ficus Bengalese's) is considered to be sacred in some regions and is worshipped too.

Care Tips for Ficus Plant



  The Ficus plant prefers low light conditions i.e. not bright sunlight. In offices, keep it in a place that receives filtered sunlight


   Keep the Ficus plant in sunlight during winters when the sun is not that harsh


The Ficus plant has roots that reach right down to the bottom of the pot. Make sure that whenever you water it must be done thoroughly, so water can reach to the lowermost roots as well.  Do not overwater, water only when the top-soil is completely dry


The Ficus plant is the happiest in high humidity. If the conditions are less humid, then keep the plants together so that they can help each other with managing humidity.


The Ficus plant is very hardy, and a low Maintenace. On average, put Vermicompost twice in a year. Apart from that, you can put liquid manure 1-2 times yearly too.  Spraying the plant with Epsom salt will make it feel really happy.

Ideal Soil Mix

The ideal soil mix for the Ficus plant should be, Garden soil (50%) + Cocopeat (30%) + Vermicompost (20%) 

Propagation can be done from stem-cuttings, tips cutting or air-layering.


Remove the dead leaves or brown leaves from the plant from time to time. You can prune the plant to give it beautiful shapes.

Pest Control

Although the Ficus plant is a very tough species, it is susceptible to infestations such as fungal infection or spider mites. Regularly spray the plants with neem neem oil to prevent attacks.

Frequently Asked Questions about Ficus Plants

1. Why is the Ficus plant popular?

The Ficus plant is known for its green glossy leaves and beautiful spreading foliage.

2. What are the special features of the Ficus plant?

The Ficus plant can be used both as an indoor and outdoor. It is very hardy and can survive almost all conditions with little care.

3. Is the Ficus plant good for home?

The ever-popular Ficus plant is great for newbie gardeners and will easily thrive in most indoor spaces.

4. Where can I buy Ficus plants? 

Head over to Home Plants, India’s Favorite online nursery and browse from their extensive collection of plants.

5. Does the Ficus plant flowers?

There are a few species of Ficus plants, such as the Weeping Fig, Benjamin Fig, native to Asia and Australia that flower.

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