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Snake plant in 4 inch ceramic pot indoor

Snake plant in 4 inch ceramic pot indoor

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Benefits of Snake Plants

Tough Plant:

Snake is a hardy plant and is able to tolerate high temperatures with less watering needs.

Aesthetic Appeal:

Snake is known for its beautiful, thick, glossy green leaves. The unique appearance of the plant makes any garden space look sophisticated and elegant. 

Low Maintenance:

Snake is an easy-to-grow succulent plant and does well on its own. It is drought-tolerant and can easily survive a variety of lighting conditions. 

Air Purifier:

Snake is an excellent Air purifying plan that absorbs harmful chemicals and gives out oxygen-rich air.

Care Tips for Snake Plant


The soil for the Snake plant must be watered only when the top layer of the soil looks completely dry. This is because this plant is from an arid region and retains water in its leaves as well.


The Snake plant loves bright sunlight for at least 5-6 hours a day. However, during the months, it is best to keep it in an area where it is not directly exposed to extreme cold.


Snake is an outdoor plant It should be kept in an area receiving bright sunlight during the summer months. As the winters set in, protect the plant from frost.

Fertilisation :

Snake does not need much fertilizer. Adding vermicompost twice a year will be sufficient for this herbal beauty to thrive.

Ideal Soil Mix:

The ideal soil mix for Snake succulents 


Keep pruning the Snake plant to encourage branch growth and give it more spread.

Pest Control:

The Snake plant is not very prone to pest attacks. The few things to be mindful of are, that the plant does not like overwatering or standing water. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Snake Plant

1. How often should I water my Snake Plant in India?

Water moderately, only when the topsoil looks completely dry. If placed indoors you can water, it once in 3-4 days. 

2. Is snake plant lucky or unlucky?

The Snake plant is considered to be lucky as it attracts good luck and is an excellent air purifier.  

3. Can I keep my Snake Plant in direct sunlight?

Snake plants prefer bright but indirect light. Keep them near a window with filtered sunlight for their happy place.

4. Where can I buy the Snake plant?

Head over to Home Plants India’s best online nursery and browse from their extensive collection of Plants.

5. Can Snake plants survive without sunlight?

The Snake plant requires lots of sunlight as it is basically a plant of the desert.

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