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Shami in 4 inch nursery bag

Shami in 4 inch nursery bag

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Shami Plant is a beneficial indoor plant. Every homeowner desires his or her home to be the most beautiful place on the planet. Green plants and trees add positivity and beauty to our homes. They not only clean the air but also provide wondrous benefits. Certain plants can attract good fortune and prosperity to our homes. One such plant is the Shami plant.

Every tree and plant has a distinct personality. Its shape, colour, fragrance, fruits, and flowers are all associated with different planets due to their various effects. However, some plants are also sacred. Tulsi, for example, is worshipped in almost every Hindu household. It is considered to have the power to eradicate all negative energy from the house, like most feng shui plants. Similarly, worshipping the Shami plant is considered to be very auspicious. 

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