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Parijata in 3 inch nursery bag

Parijata in 3 inch nursery bag

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Apart from the health benefits, the stems of the parijat flower are also used in dying. The beautiful orange hue is used to color cotton and silk fabric organically. The flowers are also used to roll the incense sticks or agarbatti. The fragrance of the flower is used to make perfume as well.

For breakout and acne on the skin, the flower is used as a face pack. It gives an instant glow on the face and reduces the problem of acne

Harsingar or Parijat is a beautiful plant. The fragrance of the flower will fill the whole household with a divine aroma. Moreover, it comes with so many health benefits as well. You can also gift parijat flower plants to your loved ones as well. Hope this article will give you complete information regarding the plant.

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