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Green ZZ in 4 inch plastic pot

Green ZZ in 4 inch plastic pot

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The Black ZZ Plant, also called the Zamioculcas botanically, is a genus of plants in the family Araceae. It is a tropical perennial plant, native to eastern Africa, and is locally known as the ‘Zanzibar Gem’, ‘Eternity Plant’, or the ‘Emerald Palm’. It is widely grown as an ornamental indoor plant for its attractive, deep green foliage and easy care. The roots of the plant are rhizomatous, meaning that they have the ability to store water aiding the plant in drought resistance. 

Benefits of ZZ Plants

Air Purifier:

The ZZ Plant plays a big role in purifying air inside our homes and workplaces. Its leaves effectively absorb common indoor pollutants such as formaldehyde and make the air richer with oxygen.


The ZZ Plant is a statement indoor plant that instantly becomes any room's focal point. It has often been associated with reducing stress and anxiety due to its vibrant green foliage and its versatility compliments all interior designs & decor.

Low Maintenance:

ZZ Plants are easy to grow but require a little care once they start maturing. They thrive in diffused sunlight conditions in a well-ventilated area.

Pest Resistance

ZZ Plant are less susceptible to pest attacks compared to any indoor plants. Their glossy, waxy leaves deter common pests like spider mites and mealy bugs. 

Care Tips for ZZ Plant


Water the Black ZZ Plant when the soil is completely dry. Since the plant is mostly placed indoors, it may take a few days for the soil to become completely dry. Water during early morning or late evening hours.


Do not keep the ZZ Plant in direct sunlight as it will burn its leaves. Keep the plant in a medium or filtered light. 


Place the ZZ Plant in the east or north-facing place so that the morning sunlight can fall on it.


Add fertilizer such as vermicompost every 2 months to balance the nutritional needs of the ZZ Plant. Keep tilling the soil to increase aeration.


Ideal Soil Mix:

The ZZ Plant requires well-draining soil rich in organic matter that does not retain much water. The ideal Soil mix for this plant is, Cocopeat (50%) + Garden Soil (30%) + vermicompost (20%)


Pruning the ZZ Plant regularly will ensure that it has a bushier, healthier growth. The plant also grows faster when pruned.

Pest Control:

The ZZ Plant is susceptible to mealy bugs and aphids. However, spraying the plant with Neem oil spray is a good precautionary measure.

Frequently Asked Questions about ZZ Plant

1. Is the ZZ Plant a good indoor plant?

Yes, ZZ Plant is a super air purifying plant that creates a better living environment for you. Its large leaves absorb harmful indoor pollutants while releasing oxygen-rich air.

2. What is the benefit of ZZ plants?

The ZZ plants make for fabulous air purifying plants.

3. Is the ZZ plant lucky?

According to Feng Shui, ZZ plants represent steady growth and good fortune. They are a great choice to be kept on your office desk.

4. Can I leave the ZZ plant outside?

ZZ Plants are highly dependable indoor plants and must be kept away from harsh direct sunlight. 

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