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Areca Palm in 5 inch plastic pot

Areca Palm in 5 inch plastic pot

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The areca palm plant   is an excellent indoor plant packed with air-purifying properties and the ability to enhance the decor of any space. It is also known as the ‘Dypsis Latescent’ or the ‘Butterfly Palm’ and is a species of the family Aceraceae. The plant is native to Madagascar and commonly found in the Andaman Islands. It is a tropical perennial plant that grows tall with cane-like stems emerging from the base. The leaves arch upwards with a yellowish mid-rib. 

Benefits of Areca Palm

Air Purifier:

The Areca Palm plant plays a big role in purifying the air inside our homes and workplaces. Its leaves absorb pollutants in the air and release oxygen. It is a great plant to place in your bedroom.


The Areca Palm is a statement indoor plant that instantly becomes any room's focal point. It also creates a calming and natural ambiance with its tropical vibe.

Low Maintenance:

Areca Palm plants are easy to grow. Place it in a well-ventilated, diffused sunlight area or a well-lit indoor space, and the plant will thrive. Beginners can also grow this beautiful plant. 


Care Tips for Areca Palm


Water the Areca Palm plant when the soil is completely dry. Since the plant is mostly placed indoors, it may take a few days for the soil to become completely dry. water thoroughly


Do not keep the Areca Palm plant in direct sunlight as it will burn its leaves. Keep the plant in a medium or filtered light. The best light to fall on this plant is from the east or north-facing window.


Place the Areca Palm in the east or north-facing place so that the morning sunlight can fall on it.


deal Soil Mix:

The Areca Palm plant requires well-draining soil that does not retain much water. The ideal soil mix for this plant is, cocopeat (50%) + garden soil (30%) + vermicompost (20%) .



Pruning the Areca Palm plant regularly will ensure that it has a bushier, healthier growth. The plant also grows faster when pruned.


Pest Control:

The Areca Palm plant is susceptible to mealy bugs, scales, mites, and thrips. However, spraying the plant with neem oil spray will be a good precautionary measure.


Frequently Asked Questions about Areca Palm

1. Is the Areca Palm plant a good indoor plant?

Yes, Areca Palm is a super air purifying plant that creates a better living environment for you.

2. Why are Areca Palms so popular?

The beautifully shaped falling leaves of the Areca Palms, like feathers, make it a very popular houseplant. 

3. How long do Areca Palms live?

If the plant is given proper care and nutrition, it can live past 25 years as well. 

4. How fast does the Areca Palm grow?

The Areca Palm grows six to ten inches every year. It is a slow-growing plant. 

5. Can I leave my Areca Palm outside?

The Areca Palm is an indoor plant and will wither if placed in direct harsh sunlight. 

6. Where can I buy Areca Palm plants? 

Head over to Home plants, India’s favorite online nursery, and browse from their extensive collection of plants.

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