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Black rubber with 5 inch plastic pot

Black rubber with 5 inch plastic pot

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The Rubber plant also known as the ‘Ficus Elastica’, is a very popular indoor tree, known for its distinctive large, glossy leaves, which are elliptical in shape. It is an evergreen plant and very easy to take care of, even by new gardeners.  The plant is an indoor plant and adds great aesthetical value to indoor spaces or gardens. 

Benefits of Rubber Plant

Air Purifier

The Rubber plant is an excellent air purifier and removes toxic substances such as formaldehyde hanging in the air. This toxin accumulates in plywood furniture.


The Rubber plant is a living Decore peace. The plant instantly becomes the focal point of any room setting.

Low Maintenance

Rubber plants are very easy to grow. Place it in a well-ventilated, diffused sunlight area and the plant will thrive. 


Care Tips For Rubber Plant


Water the Rubber plant when the soil is completely dry. Since the plant is mostly placed indoors, it may take a few days for the soil to become completely dry. Water thoroughly using a spray for best results.


Do not keep the Rubber plant in direct sunlight as it will burn its leaves. Keep the plant in a medium or filtered light. The best light to fall on this plant is from the late afternoon sun.


Place the Rubber plant in the west direction, so the late afternoon sunlight falls on it.


Add fertilizers such as every 2 months to balance the nutritional needs of the Rubber plant. It must be noted that nutrients are lost with watering, so they must be replenished from time to time.

Ideal Soil Mix

The Rubber plant is quite forgiving and does well with most soil mixes. The ideal Soil mix for this plants, Cocopeat (50%) + Garden soil (30%) + Vermicompost (20%)


Pruning the Rubber plant regularly will ensure that it has a bushier, healthier growth. The plant also grows faster when pruned.

Pest Control

The rubber plant is less suscep tible to pest attacks. However, spraying the plant with neem oil spray will be a good precautionary measure.  Also, keep cleaning the dust off the plant’s leaves so that no pest growth can take place. 


Frequently Asked Questions about Rubber Plant

1. Is Rubber Tree lucky?

Yes, Rubber plants are considered Lucky to represent abundance, happiness and fortune, according to Feng Shui


2. Is the Rubber plant a good indoor plant?

Yes, the rubber plant is the perfect indoor plant and will enhance any space you put it in.


3. What is the botanical name of the Rubber plant?

The botanical name of the Rubber plant is Ficus Elastica. This is because the sap of the plant is used to make rubber.


4. Can we keep the Rubber plant in the bedroom?

Yes, the Rubber plant can be kept in your bedroom, as it is an excellent Air purifying plant.

5. Which is the best place to put a rubber plant?

The best place for a rubber plant to grow well is in the west direction, so that the last sunlight of the day falls on it, which is not too harsh.

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