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Anthurium in 6 inch plastic pot

Anthurium in 6 inch plastic pot

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The Anthurium plant is a genus of flowering plants in the arum family, Araceae. It is also known by the names, Tailflower, Laceleaf, or the Flamingo flower. The plant is a native of the parts from northern Mexico to northern Argentina and is an indoor flowering plant. The flowers are contained in close-together spirals on the spadix. The spadix is often elongated into a spike shape. The flowers bloom in colours red and white and are delightfully elegant.

Benefits of Anthurium Plant

Air Purifier :

The Anthurium plant helps to improve indoor air quality by absorbing harmful pollutants and giving out oxygen-rich air.

Decor :

The Anthurium is a statement indoor plant and is popularly used in interior decor.

Low Maintenance:

Anthurium plants are easy to care and can be planted by newbie gardeners as well. The plant thrives indoors and in low-light conditions.

Feng Shui :

In Feng Shui, the plant is believed to bring good luck, positive energy and abundance to the homes.

Care Tips For Anthurium Plant

Watering :

Water the Anthurium plant when the soil is completely dry. Since the plant is mostly placed indoors, it may take a few days for the soil to become completely dry. Water thoroughly

Light :

The Anthurium plant needs 2-4 hours of indirect sunlight and then prefers to be in a shaded area for at least 12-14 hours.

Placement :

Place the Anthurium in the west-facing direction so that the last light of the day can fall on it.

Fertilisation :

Add such as vermicompost every 2 months to balance the nutritional needs of the Anthurium plant. Keep tilling the soil to increase aeration.

Ideal Soil Mix :

The Anthurium plant requires well-draining soil that does not retain much water. The ideal soil for this plant is, cocopeat (50%) + Garden soil (30%) + Vermicompost (20%).


Pruning the Anthurium plant regularly will ensure that it has a bushier, healthier growth. The plant also grows faster when pruned.

Pest Control :

The Anthurium plant is susceptible to mealy bugs, scales, mites, and thrips. However, spraying the plant with neem oil spray will be a good precautionary measure.
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